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Duralene Heavy Duty Lubricants, Oils and Greases

A working relationship you can depend on.

The world of lubricants is facing many difficult challenges today. Engine, truck and heavy equipment builders are designing new engines to meet increasingly stringent emissions controls. These new designs, in turn, place lubricants under additional stresses and demands.

Industrial hydraulic systems and two-cycle engines also require different challenges for lubricants. Higher operating temperatures and less cooling capacity make hydraulic fluids work harder than ever. In two-stroke applications, the lubricant must be versatile enough to perform in a number of ares, including: detergency, lubricity, initial torque, exhaust, smoke and exhaust port blocking.

With the complexity of the current requirements and changes in designs, it's easy to see why a knowledgeable supplier is so important. That's where The United Oil Company comes in - as an experienced partner with the products to meet today's standards - and the knowledge to meet future needs.


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